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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Model Power Plymouth MDT Locomotive - On30 Critter, Donor chassis, or both??

Many may already be aware of this but for for those who are not -- Model Power offers an HO Plymouth MDT locomotive. It's significantly oversized for HO scale -- both the shell and the wheels. In fact some in the On30 crowd use it right out of the box as small diesel or critter on their layout. It seems this locomotive has been around for a long time, but the most recent release from Model Power is a smooth running locomotive with great electronics built right in. I've purchased a few of these and have been very pleased.

It is also a great donor chassis for an On30 critter and some like Tim Moat of Coyote Flats Depot offer critter kits built on top of this chassis (kits available on eBay). If you're looking for a chassis for a critter that won't break the bank, this may be the solution for you.

On top of all the positives, right now (May 2018) Trainworld is offering these on sale at the unbelievable price of USD $44.99 for the locomotive with what we will call "Do It All" electronics built right in -- it runs on standard DC, it runs on NMRA DCC, has built-in sound, and it has wireless control and controller right in the box or just $19.99 for the standard DC version. The "Do It All" edition locomotive has MRC's very capable DCC/DC dual mode decoder with sound and also integrates its Loco Genie™ right in the locomotive (on-board electronics) and in the box (Loco Genie controller).

If one of these scenarios fits your needs/wants for your On30 layout, you might want to visit Trainworld's web site and pick up one or two...

N.B. I have no financial relationship with Trainworld except as a satisfied customer.



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An active modeler in 1:64 scale (S scale) since 1998 and a relatively new On30 modeler, Michael's primary interests are in model railroading, structure modeling and control systems for model railroading. Michael is a life member of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), a member of the National Association of S Gaugers (NASG) and the Bristol S Gauge Railroaders.

Michael and his wife Deane Louise co-own Pine Canyon Scale Models, a manufacturer of S Scale and O scale structures.

Michael is a past chair of the NMRA's Digital Command Control (DCC) Working Group and was a contributor to the NMRA's DCC Standards activities. Michael continues to play an active role in the use of NMRA DCC in S Scale model railroading.

Michael previously served as the NASG National Secretary and Librarian for the NASG's Russell M. Mobley Memorial Library.


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