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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Rail Scale Models Brings New Structures to the market

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Charleston, SC Model Railroad show. The is organized by the Charleston Area Model Railroad Club, and the show is a new spring show from the club, in addition to their fall show. While I was there I had the good fortune to run into Stephen Milley, the proprietor of Rail Scale Models of North Carolina. Rail Scale Models is a new (at least to me) manufacturer of affordable structures for model railroads in several scales. He has a growing line of O scale structures I really like including a Tobacco Barn and a Speeder and Oil Shed. One of the O Scale structures - Currin Country Store -- is already sold out! Hopefully a second run is in the works! I would also like to see RSM will bring their Branch Line Engine House and some of their other structures to additional scales as these structures could easily find a home on my layout. If you're looking for structures for your model railroad, visit Rail Scale Models' web site and check out their offerings. And there is a structure you see that is not yet available in O scale and that would be a good fit for your layout, be sure to inquire about availability in O scale!

In addition to structure kits and accessories like siding of various types and detail parts, Rail Scale Models offers an end-to-end range of services from structure design and development through laser cutting & engraving and production. So if you've been thinking about a custom developed structure and need some assistance with the process, give them a call.



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An active modeler in 1:64 scale (S scale) since 1998 and a relatively new On30 modeler, Michael's primary interests are in model railroading, structure modeling and control systems for model railroading. Michael is a life member of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), a member of the National Association of S Gaugers (NASG) and the Bristol S Gauge Railroaders.

Michael and his wife Deane Louise co-own Pine Canyon Scale Models, a manufacturer of S Scale and O scale structures.

Michael is a past chair of the NMRA's Digital Command Control (DCC) Working Group and was a contributor to the NMRA's DCC Standards activities. Michael continues to play an active role in the use of NMRA DCC in S Scale model railroading.

Michael previously served as the NASG National Secretary and Librarian for the NASG's Russell M. Mobley Memorial Library.


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